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Cast Photos taken at various times in Summer 2014

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Photography by Mike Finding

After WAC’s great success last year with their tour of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be touring again in 2014; with Noël Coward’s wonderfully funny play, ‘Private Lives’.

Wessex Actors Company - Private Lives 2014

Wessex Actors Company – Private Lives 2014

When Noël Coward contracted ‘flu while on tour in Asia, he spent his two-week convalescence sketching out the play and then completed it in only four days.  It nearly did not get performed as the Lord Chamberlain took exception to the love scene saying it was too risqué but Coward persuaded him that it would be done tastefully.

The roles have attracted many actors and actresses besides Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence such as, Richard Burton, Alan Rickman, John Gielgud, Tallulah Bankhead, Elizabeth Taylor and Maggie Smith to name just a few.  It has also been made into a film and adapted for TV and Radio.

Private Lives is billed as An Intimate Comedy and focuses on a divorced couple, Elyot and Amanda, who find themselves staying in adjacent rooms, at the hotel they are honeymooning in with their new spouses.  After a few tantrums they realise they still love each other and run away together to Amanda’s flat in Paris. They are followed by their respective spouses and chaos ensues.

The final act resolves all issues – or does it?

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