2015: Wessex Actors Canterbury Tales

The 2015 production is Canterbury Tales

Performed under licence granted by Samuel French Ltd

Not the pure Chaucer original, but a version created by Phil Woods and Michael Bogdanov.

It’s extremely funny and a little bit rude at times, but nothing you can’t bring your granny to!

The cast is 7 strong and these 7 will take on about 50 roles. They will each take a tale to tell and then perform various supporting roles in each others “Tale”.

So here are the cast:

  • Sean Beaumont – playing Sean ‘Reeve’
  • Pamela Brewer – playing Mrs Pam ‘Bath’
  • Matthew Ellison – playing ‘Matt Miller’
  • Paul Mole – playing Rev Paul ‘Priest’
  • Scott Sullivan – playing Sir Scott ‘Knight’
  • Toby Trimby – playing Toby ‘Franklyn’
  • Marie Bushell – playing Miss Marie ‘Pardoner’

So that’s the cast and their main tale characters. You’ll have to wait and see what else each one of them does throughout the play.

There are still dates available so if you’d like us to come and perform for you, whether at your school, club, country house or hotel, please email us for full details of our guaranteed no-loss deals!

A BIG thank you to all our audiences who, in some cases, have put up with “interesting” weather!

We hope to see everyone next year for Noel Coward ‘s ‘Hay Fever’ directed by Virginia Harrington.

Slides Show of photographs taken at the Wareham Swans show!

Facebook comment from member of the Upton Audience on 12th July! Thank you Graham – we had a ball!

Graham Brown: No sun in the sky but a shining performance made up for that. Still chuckling, well done.

“WAC give our thanks to The Big Yellow Self Storage Company for their donation of boxes as props for this production”

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